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Sensodyne True White Toothbrush   

  • Plaque removal
  • Stain prevention

The Sensodyne True White toothbrush has advanced cleaning bristles to help remove plaque and stains from your teeth. The outer extra soft bristles are specifically designed to clean in hard to reach areas in a gentle way.

Product Details


  • Brush teeth as normal twice a day. To clean the tongue, use the cleaning grooves on the back of the brush head, move the grooves backwards and forwards over the surface of the tongue.

Warnings and Precautions

  • Choking hazard if placed too far back in the mouth
  • Children under 6 years should be supervised during brushing.
  • Do not allow bristles or toothbrush to be chewed.
  • It is recommended that toothbrushes are replaced every 3 months.
Take the Sensodyne Online Check Up

Take the Sensodyne Online Check Up

Do hot, cold, and sugary foods sometimes cause sudden, sharp pains? You may have tooth sensitivity. Take the Sensodyne Online Check Up to find out about sensitive teeth and the products that can help you. 

Take the Sensodyne Online Check Up

Sensodyne Repair and Protect Whitening

Sensodyne Repair & Protect Whitening 

Sensodyne Repair & Protect Whitening toothpaste can actually repair* vulnerable areas of sensitive teeth. At the same time, it helps restore the natural whiteness of your teeth with twice daily brushing.

*Forms a protective layer over the sensitive areas of the teeth. Brush twice a day for lasting sensitivity protection.

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